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Amakira Wines offers tailored services according to individual client needs. Services that that we offer include:


Grape Supply

Amakira Wines networks with wine grape growers and supply agents from renowned wine regions across Australia to source grapes on an annual basis for the production of vintage wines and the supply to specific niche markets.

Buying and Selling Wine

We are a highly competitive alternative for clients wishing to purchase wine in order to meet their Bulk and/or Domestic wine quotas. This includes clients who require wine to complete a blend, who have direct bottling requirements, or who may be sourcing wine for their own branded product that is tailored to their unique specifications.


Our winemaker actively trades wine, buying and selling in order to assist clients in mitigating shortfalls or surpluses in bulk and packaged wine. All negotiations are brokered with the added benefit of years of technical winemaking, sales and industry knowledge.

Custom Winemaking

Our winemaker is an experience oenologist with specialist skills in international flavours and palettes. On the strength of these skills, Amakira Wines can offer bulk quantities of custom blended wines to exacting specifications that are tailored to any global market and price point.

Winemaking Solutions

We offer a consultancy service, providing professional advice and technical solutions in any aspect of the wine production process.


Amakira Wines can offer assistance with the process of bottling, packaging and distribution.


All affiliated wineries are fully accredited and clients can rest assured that all wine production and handling practices are consistent with the Australian Wine Industry Standards.